Movement Philosophy

1. Recover

The first phase of the Trainer Raynor movement philosophy addresses the fact that most new clients come to us in a state of dysfunction. The client is usually exhibiting pain and is not using their body efficiently. This is caused from improper mechanics as well as an imbalanced training routine. The recovery phase gives us a chance to press the "reset" button! After putting the client through a thorough movement evaluation, a fully customized training protocol is created by a Trainer Raynor coach. We start from ground zero teaching proper breathing techniques, active isolated stretches and essential primitive core patterns to bring the mind and body into balance. 

2. Rebuild

The Rebuild phase begins when the client has achieved basic body awareness, soft tissue and diaphragmatic breathing techniques. The body's inflammatory response has greatly improved by now which in turn decreased pain, stiffness and discomfort. Achieving these milestones will allow the client to start training in standing positions more frequently. Vertical core training builds neural connections between core and the extremities with body weight as the main resistance. We know the client is reaching the end of the Rebuild phase when they are able to accept load in all planes without any restrictions. 

3. Peform

The performance phase is all about completely changing the client's body, mindset and lifestyle to push the needle of human performance! This phase introduces more advanced training principles. The client's fitness and wellness routine will be more holistic and well rounded. Weekly recovery sessions including soft tissue, yoga, hydrotherapy, meditation, and manual therapies will become habitual. These recovery protocols allow for training at a higher level more frequently, which pushes the client's physical adaptation. The workouts we engage in will be based on movement skill acquistion. This creates performance efficiency in the client/athletes daily life, and or competitive sport environment. Skill acquisition helps transition the client and coach to reach the Transform phase, the last of the four fundamental phases. 

4. Transform

The last fundamental movement phase takes everything we have learned in the three previous phases and applies it at an elevated level. This is where all skills come together to TRANSFORM the athlete/client. High performance clients have put in the requisite work. They consist of experienced or long-term training clients, competitive athletes or weekend warriors. The data we collect is more in depth and the analysis and attention to detail gets more specific. Most times a sport becomes the main driver of our programming. The goal is to optimize movement skills, as well as recovery, power, speed, and strength within the client's sport or interest. After training in the high performance transformation phase the client's physical and mental ceiling will be raised beyond what they thought they were capable of!